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Ok here it is at last, I just watch it today. With my new job I don't… - are those dusty jump wings? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dedicated to Rick Gomez and to Sgt George Luz

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[Apr. 30th, 2006|04:08 pm]
Dedicated to Rick Gomez and to Sgt George Luz


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Ok here it is at last, I just watch it today. With my new job I don't have the time and if not for Luz I' would even be watching this sahow anymore. So next week I may not recap. Now this recap is for Luz/Rick Gomez fans.

What about Luz part Three

We start this week with fiancé and fiancée fighting over boxes, yes boxes not some thing cool like jelly, in some ally. Thank god that didn’t last long.

Next it’s all seven helping fiancée pack to move in with fiancé, and we learn that Luz and Brian have a presentation tomorrow and that Luz is the man at these, cool. Then the topic changes to the roommate from last week and the moving itself as Luz moves to the background…grrrrr.

Simultaneously in the kitchen the women talk about the other people they’ve had sex with and the sister think she is a slut because she have had the most…she’s not the slut.

Fiancé and fiancée talking about the move…next

Now it’s Luz’s wife with the kids as Luz works, he has glasses that look great on him, and the wife has no clue about games and she keeps a kid home sick.

Now it’s the model helping with the move.

Next it’s Luz and Brian in the same shirt and slacks talking about the presentation…they look cool.

Then it’s fiancée and fiancé and Movies with con-movers.

Next Luz’s wife flirts with the guy from last week…don’t do it, your kid is right there.

Luz and Brian are working on the presentation and talking about the open milk and maybe finding some milk for Luz…milk does the body good…I just had to do that.

Then it’s fiancée and the Model waiting for the movers, and waiting, and waiting.

Then we see the presentation, sounds like a cool game, the Sim only better. And Luz flirts with someone…don’t do it Luz.

Then it’s the fiancée and Model still waiting and talking about babies as the sister see a doctor behind his back.

Then to the end of the presentation as Luz’s is still flirting…she’s not your type Luz.

Fiancé and legal stuff…whatever.

Now it’s fiancée and the Model playing soccer, as there still are no movers…did they run out of extras?

Luz and Brian are fighting because of stress and the company not calling.

Next the Wife is with one of the kids and talking with the sister.

Next Luz gets a call not from the company but fiancée. Luz acts cool in this part.

Lawyer stuff.

Brian and Luz helping with the move because they only found two extras and needed more people, and they get called a couple… kind of, can we get slash. That would make this show better.

Next it’s the Wife and sister with baby talk…next.

More lawyer stuff.

Brian and fiancée cleaning the old place and are call a couple…people think he’s with everyone.

The Wife flirting with the guy and makes a date…do I even have to say it…yes, slut.

More moving stuff and then lawyer stuff.

Brian fixes the moving van as Luz is sarcastic, witty and negative…he needs a hug *hug* ouch my TV shocked me.

More Lawyer stuff.

Brian ands Luz fight more as they move a sofa and Luz gets mad…he really needs that hug.

Luz goes to his wife just as she is about to leave for her date. Luz rants and is all down in the dump but the wife makes him laughs…she just went up in my eyes, I’m not even going to comment on her low rent girl crack…really I’m not…

Ok next it’s the sister and model talking in restaurant about the baby and they fight…I like them, don’t fight.

Next up is the love triangle…don’t mind that sound it just me gagging.

After that that it’s Brian running into the roommate from last week and going on a date, cool.

Fiancée and fiancé…Next. That’s just getting old to say, I need some snazzy line to say when I’m skipping non-Luz/entertaining stuff, any idea?

Brian and the roommate talking…she’s not bad.

The sisters talking shots to help with the baby, with out telling the model…that is so going to blow up.

In the office Luz and Brian make up with mind-blowing sex…ok so they don’t but they do talk about it and Luz even said that Brian looks good…slash please anyone. And they get the call, yay.

Then the Wife come out of the store and runs into that guy…and she sleeps with him, in the parking lot…just when she was redeeming her self…I hate her… trollop.

The end