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Hi, intro, fic link, etc - are those dusty jump wings? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dedicated to Rick Gomez and to Sgt George Luz

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Hi, intro, fic link, etc [Nov. 3rd, 2004|03:58 pm]
Dedicated to Rick Gomez and to Sgt George Luz


[music |Tuxedo Junction]

Hi! Just wandered over here when I found you as I was updating the userinfo on the dirty little BoB community I moderate, aldbournewhores.

I love Rick, I love Luz! So yay you for creating a home for them here. I look forward to images, links, etc!

Here's a link to my second BoB fic, which is all about the Luz angst. Hope you don't mind me posting it my first time out.

One Lucky SOB

[User Picture]From: mariedumont
2004-11-12 12:58 am (UTC)

I joined aldbournewhores when it first came out but I've yet to introduce myself yet:D
Tonight I'm planning on sorting out this community to make it better, I want to have a section for other BoB communities would it be alright if I added yours?

YAY Luz fic.
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[User Picture]From: hiyacynth
2004-11-12 02:11 am (UTC)
Well hi, and thanks for the welcome.

By all means, add aldbournewhores here. We're obviously a pretty flippant, lighthearted group over there, but there's lots of good BoB discussion that goes on. The more the merrier.
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[User Picture]From: mariedumont
2004-11-12 03:20 am (UTC)
Yeah I lurk around on there, I'll come by and say hi sometime.
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